Reminiscence activities

Screenshot 2014-05-25 21.40.04Here are some links to help you, as a family, to recreate a trip to the seaside from the comfort of your own home:

Watch a Punch & Judy show and discover more about the history of this British seaside institution, by clicking here

Explore some vintage seaside posters by clicking here

Re-live the joys of holidaying in Blackpool in the 1950s by watching this short film here


Photos and slideshowsHistorypin is an online archive of memory triggers, personal stories, old video footage and old photographs. Find out more about how to use the site by clicking here




Memory appsThere has been a lot of research into the best apps for people with dementia. Here are some links:

Memory Apps for Dementia has a list of stimulating apps for art, music, reminiscence and storytelling. Click here

For more than 130 examples of exciting things happening in the world of ageing, including apps, click here

Make the internet super easy by creating a page of internet buttons for your loved one. Click here


Memory BookFor a fantastic and comprehensive guide to creating a Memory Book, please click here

For a guide to creating an ‘electronic’ Memory Book, which you can then ‘publish’ as your own printed book, click here




ScrapbookingFor a fascinating history of the scrapbooking tradition and information about scrapbooking materials, click here

To find out more about the therapeutic benefits of scrapbook albums for people with dementia, click here

Creating a ‘time capsule’ is an interesting extension activity to creating a scrapbook and will introduce children and young people to the importance of leaving evidence of their own ‘personal history’ for the future. Click here


Memory BoardA Memory Board is a hands-on way of reminiscing and remembering. Start by thinking about what your loved one’s interests are. Did they like to sew? Did they enjoy tinkering with DIY projects? You can create your own Memory Board using items to stimulate their interest and provide a stimulating activity. For some inspiration, see this Locks & Latches Board by clicking here



Sporting MemoriesThe Sporting Memories Network runs community-wide sports reminiscence projects. You can also browse many, many memories of sporting heroes, matches and occasions online, and you can even submit your own memories. Click here

For an absorbing insight into the lost world of football culture, treasures and pleasures, then visit this fantatsic social network site by clicking here


A picture leadsFor some really useful guidance on story-telling for people with dementia, click here

If you would like to share your family stories with the world then there are many sites where you can upload your work; such as this one here

There is a lot of support and software out there to help you create your own picturebook or storybook. For a list of some tools and techniques to help you do this, click here


Life storyFor a guide to using film to hear the voices of people living with dementia – created by Innovations in Dementia, Age Concern Woodley and ‘be inspired films’ – click here




Scripted fantasiesFor a very in-depth explanation of ‘scripted fantasies’, please click here. Please not that this resource relates to the use of scripted fantasies in the school classroom, but you will be able to see how the techniques can be used within the family home with your loved one.

We recommend a relaxation technique, such as Progressive Muscle Relaxation, before you start. For more information, click here. Don’t forget to consult a professional if you have any concerns about engaging your loved one in physical activity.


Conversation startersYou really will believe that ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ when you look at these 40 must-see photos from the past. You certainly won’t be short of ‘conversation starters’ with your loved one if you click here



What comes nextFor a website that lists phrases and sayings, and their origins, click here