Relaxation, exercise and outside

Before you progress with the relaxation, exercise and outside activities in this section, we recommend that you read the factsheet on exercise and physical activity for people with dementia on the Alzheimer’s Society’s website. Please click here.


Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.09.46There is much fun to be had as a family playing old fashioned picnic games. To find out how to make your own ring-toss game, click here

Another popular pastime was Tin Can Alley – where you threw an object, from a distance, to knock down a stack of tin cans. Whilst this was more popular at fairgrounds, it can still make a fun, outdoors picnic game. Click here



Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.18.58Here are some useful links to help you recreate a traditional picnic at home:

For some ‘styling tips’ on what people would have worn for a picnic in the 1950s, click here

To find out more about the history of picnics, click here

For a lovely short film about picnics, past and present, click here

For a family, craft-based activity – making your own picnic basket – click here


Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.26.10Rules for the game of conkers: click here





Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.28.34For a lovely activity, making candle holders with autumn leaves, click here





Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.38.22Before choosing which plants to pot and grow, it is worth being aware of those houseplants which are toxic to people and animals. To find out more, click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.48.36For some simple instructions on how you can do ‘Laughter yoga’ (no, I’m not being funny; it really does exist) at home, please click here

To find out more about this social laughter phenonemon, click here


Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.52.57To make an easy flour stress ball, click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.55.17Whilst it is recommended that you find a qualified, chair-based exercise practitioner for any proper strength-based routines – and always seek medical / professional advice if your loved one isn’t used to exercising – there are some simple routines you can try at home. To find out more, click here



Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.59.16The Alzheimer’s Society has produced a very useful guide on ‘Safer walking technology’. To read it, click here