Before you progress with the activities and games in this section, we recommend that you read the factsheet on exercise and physical activity for people with dementia on the Alzheimer’s Society’s website. Please click here.


7-upFor a full list of rules to the 7-Up game, please click here





Screenshot 2014-05-26 21.11.42Do you know your tiddlywinks terminology? If not, please click here





Screenshot 2014-05-26 21.17.03Jacks has been around for centuries and has a fascinating history. To find out more, and how to play the game, click here

You’ll be reminiscing the hours away browsing vintage board games, card games and classic toys on this ‘Vintage Playtime’ website. To visit the site, click here



Bucket tossHow about making your own version of the ‘Bucket toss’, using your own home-made beanbags and a clown’s face, made from cardboard?  This makes a great family project. To find out how to do this, click here




Spinning topJust in case you ever need it, here is a very detailed history of the spinning top. Click here





Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.04.29To make your own version of the cup-and-ball game following the instructions, which can be found here





Skipping ropeTo run your own reminiscence session on the many skipping rhymes that were popular back in the day, click here





Yo-yoFor a totally comprehensive list of all the different yo-yo tricks and terminology, click here

Time magazine has compiled a list of the 100 most influential toys from 1923 to the present day. Not only will this start serve as a great ‘conversation starter’ with your loved one – but you can see if it’s possible to source an original or replica version of your loved one’s favourite toy. Do you think any of your current toys will make it into the hall-of-fame? Click here


Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.27.00For instructions on how to do Cat’s Cradle, click here



Screenshot 2014-05-27 11.57.27For a recipe to make ‘no cook’ playdough, please click here



Screenshot 2014-05-27 12.00.23The ‘Tangle’ is a toy which could unlock huge benefits for a person with dementia. To find out more, click here