Dementia and the family book

Order Dementia and the family“This book helps you to help your loved one to stay active, involved and engaged. You will surprise yourself just how much of the person is still there – waiting for you to find them.”

Paul Smith, CEO, Dementia.REP


Dementia and the family is ideal for use by:

  • Families supporting a loved with dementia at home
  • Care homes
  • Memory Cafes
  • Home carers and other care agencies
  • Admiral nurses
  • Charities and other organisations supporting older people
  • Community matrons and other NHS staff
  • Day services
  • Any organisation / agency working in the health & social care sector

Dementia and the family includes:

  • 160+ inter-generational activities which will spark memories, stimulate engagement, encourage interaction and which focus on your loved one’s capabilities and interests
  • Activities include an explanation about the benefits and some adaptations for diferent stages of dementia. They are organised by theme: reminiscence trips and activities; games; arts, craft and music; relaxation, exercise and outside; home, food and shopping; something for you
  • Step-by-step framework to show how to develop your own successful family activities
  • Further sections on: caring for a loved one with dementia; how to talk to children about dementia; how memory works; creating a dementia-friendly home; communicating with someone with dementia

Dementia and the family costs £6.95 per copy (plus carriage). Discounts are available on 3 or more copies purchased.