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Screenshot 2014-05-27 17.42.20This is a brilliant guide which sets out the benefits of shed-based activities, viagra dosage how they might be modified for someone with dementia and provides inspiration for what you can do together. Click here





Screenshot 2014-05-27 13.59.52For some straight-forward instructions on how to french knit, ampoule please click here

For 22 things to do with french knitting – from bracelets to embellished cushions – please click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.08.53If you would like to learn a great way to decorate Easter eggs the old-fashioned way, using flowers, click here

Did you know that you can use red onions to naturally colour your eggs red? For more tips, click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.15.52Would you like to know how to make a proggy mat? If so, click here





Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.18.15A guide to making peg dolls, using bits and pieces from around the home, can be found here

For a wonderful way to incorporate your peg doll characters into a story-telling session, click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.22.08Here is an alternative to making paper chains at Christmas. How about making paper angels by following the instructions here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.26.34To learn how to make a paper snowflake – which can be mounted on to card or attached to a window – click here

If you wish to test your crafty skills further, then you can have a go at making a 3D paper snowflake. Click here



Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.33.48A twine-wrapped Christmas star ornament makes a perfect Christmas decoration or gift. To find out how to make one, click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.36.20Who would have thought that an eggshell mosaic pendant would look so impressive. To find out how you can make your own, click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.39.34For some really useful guidance on making a paper fortune-teller, brought to you by the Sensory Trust and Cornwall Care, please click here



Screenshot 2014-05-27 14.43.50If you would like an easy tutorial on how to make a paper doily, click here

To get creative with some innovative paper doily art, click here

Do you have a wedding coming up in the family? For a purposeful and beneficial activity, make some paper doily favour cones by clicking here


Screenshot 2014-05-27 15.47.50For an entire website dedicated to making a sock monkey, click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 15.50.01Choose your plants wisely! For some suggestions on the best plants to grow in bottle gardens, click here




Screenshot 2014-05-27 15.55.40For instructions on how to build a birdbox, click here

Why stop at birdboxes?! You could also make a bat box, bee box or beetle bucket as a family. To find out more, click here



Screenshot 2014-05-27 16.58.00This is a fantastic article on how different genres of music help in different ways for a person with dementia. To help you compile a playlist for your loved one, click here