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Please read below to find out why Rachel wrote Dementia and the family:



Screenshot 2014-06-02 22.53.54“Worldwide, there are an estimated 35.6 million people with dementia. Alongside them, are their partners, children, grandchildren, close friends and other relatives who are thrown into this ‘new world’ where they must learn to adapt and cope with the changes to their loved one, provide care and support in whatever ways they can, and hold the family together.

I wanted to write something for them.

I wanted to give families the confidence and self-belief in the difference they can make to their loved one.

I wanted to help in a very practical way, without families feeling intimidated by signs, symptoms, prognosis and technical jargon.

I wanted to show that there are many things you can do with your loved one that will engage them, involve them, ‘lift’ them and provide all the family with real moments of accomplishment and togetherness. Finally, I wanted to promote the message that the person you know and love will always be there; it’s about helping them to shine through.

Whilst there are many excellent resources available on the subject of dementia; none have, to the best of our knowledge, focused on helping the family to support people with dementia in the way that Dementia and the family does. Research shows that having fun with, being cared for and valued by family members are the most important determining factors for older people’s well-being. What is more, inter-generational activity has shown to be more beneficial to people with dementia than other types of activity. There is only one way to find out: by working your way through the 160+ inter-generational activities in this book and seeing the impact on your loved one for yourself!

As someone who has been working (and volunteering) in the field of dementia for a number of years, I really want Dementia and the family to make a difference beyond words.

I want dementia-friendly families to be the bedrock for dementia-friendly communities.”

PS The author is willing and able to speak about an intergenerational approach to dementia care at conferences, events and training workshops. Please contact us to find out more.